Axis Theatre Society (Company)

Axis Theatre Company exists to create physical theatre for the young and the young-at-heart - exploring aspects of clown, Commedia dell' Arte, music, movement and puppetry to produce original productions.

Axis has produced over 59 original works and has captured the hearts and minds of audiences the world over. Axis is a leader in the theatre for young audience (TYA) field, reaching over thirty and often upwards of fifty thousand spectators each season. Axis plays an important role in BC’s theatre ecology. Axis stands out from fledgling theatre groups with confidence and expertise. In an age of “looking down” at electronics, our plays draw young eyes up to engage them in interactive experiences that educate, inspire and transform. Geared to young and family audiences, Axis’ productions are performed in schools, community theatres and outdoors, enriching curriculum by suspending disbelief, drawing audiences into stories and giving them access to ideas in new ways. Axis is guided by these words: Inventive, Youthful, Kinetic, Multicultural, Smart and Engaging. Our forty-three-year history of touring BC and elsewhere has taught us to continue evolving with the audience.

Associated Costs:

No associated costs other than bus fare or parking.