Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) runs a multi-day field trip program for schools from BC and Alberta. Our activities are centered around the exploration of many aspects of marine sciences and rainforest ecology — in lab/classroom settings, as well as in the field (beaches, forest and boats).

The teacher candidate doing their three-week CFE at BMSC would participate in and assist with the field trip program. At first the TC would shadow the filed trip organizer and observe the field trip's educational activities. Then, as the TC became more comfortable with the content, they would take over leading and teaching the activities to the visiting students.

Associated Costs:

Students are responsible for their travel to and from Bamfield. We are a 3 hour drive from Nanaimo.

In the past, CFE candidates staying here have their accommodations paid for by UBC, but need to provide their own meals (cafeteria and cooking facilities provided).