BC Centre for Disease Control – Kids Boost Immunity


Theme: Health and Wellness

Location(s): Outside the Lower Mainland,Vancouver

Session(s): April 27 - May 15, 2020 (Secondary)
June 8 - 26, 2020 (Elementary & Middle Years)


Kids Boost Immunity (KBI) is an innovative digital learning platform designed to raise literacy around immunization for children. Through a series of articles, videos and online quizzes linked to school curriculum in science, health and social studies, KBI encourages students from grades 4-12 to think about immunization in a global context by connecting local classroom learning directly to global giving. The more lessons/quizzes a student completes, the more vaccines they earn for children in another part of the world through UNICEF Canada. KBI’s unique approach that blends local learning with a global cause is attracting partners with shared interests in global health, vaccination, science/humanitarian education and innovative uses of technology for social change. In a three-week field experience with KBI, teacher candidates could be involved in a variety of activities: • create new on-line lessons with the support of the content team • develop outreach activities to promote KBI to teachers (in schools or at community events) • make recommendations to improve teacher resources on the site • source French language educational resources • develop your own project! We are happy to work with teacher candidates to help identify the projects they would be most interested in. Along with KBI, the Farm to School BC program is another initiative of the Public Health Association of BC, and the field experience could involve working with both KBI and the Farm to School program if that is of interest. All teacher candidates are welcome!

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