BC Farm Museum Association

Located in historic Fort Langley, the BC Farm Museum houses one of the largest pioneer agricultural collections in the province. In addition to its vast array of static displays, the museum also operates a working blacksmith shop, a woodworking and mechanical shop, this along with an appreciable collection of working tractors and stationary steam engines. This sizeable and very unique museum is entirely volunteer run, by an engaging team of dedicated individuals who are willing to mentor and share a lifetime of knowledge with the committed Teacher candidates.

The focus for this placement would be on public and educational program development. This would include, but not be limited to, research, activity development and writing of Social Studies programs for Grades K-8. The programs created would align with the province's curriculum model, with a focus on hands-on learning (utilizing artifacts and models), live action demonstrations and inquiry-based learning. The BCFM offers a dynamic learning opportunity for teacher candidates, in an enriching alternative education learning environment.


Associated Costs:

The only associated costs are traveling to and from the museum, and daily snacks/ lunch.