Camp Latona

Each season we offer a variety of program options for individuals and groups to share learning and experiences in nature’s beauty. Residential, sleep away camps for children and youth, family camps, weekend retreats and group bookings are currently available year round, and we work hard to tailor the experience to every individual’s needs. Our full service summer camp facility is on 118 acres of pristine wilderness environment, where you can enjoy developing your sense of adventure on our high and low ropes courses, 350 foot zip-line suspended 50 feet in the air, thrill on the water with traditional human powered and motorized boats, and relax by the camp fire after our homemade from scratch, wholesome twists on traditional camp food!

Teacher candidates doing a CFE at Camp Latona will be actively involved in both the camp's every days activities, but will be asked to apply their instructional skills and knowledge in a way that benefits Camp Latona's educational objectives and activities.

Teacher candidates are encouraged to talk with the camp staff on January 17th, 2020, to share their skills and expertise and to discuss opportunities for them to contribute according to their talents, interests and educational goals.

Teacher candidates will have a combination of onsite projects in addition to office time this will be broken up depending on the number of groups and students.

It is important to note that this CFE often requires long daily hours of the teacher candidate. Thus this placement may require some accommodation for number of days worked. Teacher candidates selected for this CFE will need to speak to the CFE coordinator well in advance of their departure.

Associated Costs:

Camp Latona will provide food and accommodation and we can accommodate most meals plans. We will provide transportation to and from the island with school groups that are arriving. If you are in need of an individual boat ride separate from the group there is a cost associated with that - about $100.