Cedar Coast Field Station

The Cedar Coast Field Station (CCFS) is an independent, not-for-profit society with a vision to preserve ecological health through place-based research and education that celebrates the cultural and biological diversity of Clayoquot Sound, A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

A three-week field experience would include developing new, and refining previous lesson plans that are aligned with place-based learning here on Vargas Island and within greater Clayoquot Sound. During the months of April - June school groups will be visiting the field station, which may or may not overlap with CFE placement. Ideally, CFE students will have the opportunity to take part in these field trips by leading CCFS programming to visiting high school students. There is also potential opportunity to design curriculum for in-house summer camps, and return to CCFS as a camp leader later in the summer for the right candidate.

We are looking for a self-motivated individual who is able to work independently and brings enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the CCFS team. The CFE student will work in collaboration with, and report to the Education Program Coordinator for the duration of their field experience. Please note that the Education Program Coordinator does not live on-site, but will make regular visits to the field station. Beyond the work of educational program development, CFE students can expect a unique off-grid living experience. Accommodation will vary upon availability between a shared canvas wall-tent, or private small cabin. Bathrooms and cooking facilities will be communal in the main lodge.

For more information about Cedar Coast, visit our website: http://www.cedarcoastfieldstation.org


Associated Costs:

Vargas Island is accessed by boat, approximately 15 minutes from Tofino harbour. Transport to and from CCFS, as well as accommodation will be included. We will provide a ride to Tofino one day per week. Additional boat trips will be at the cost of the individual via water taxi. All meals and personal items will be at the expense of the CFE student