Cedar Coast Field Station

Cedar Coast is an ecologically grounded research and education centre that celebrates the cultural and biodiversity of the Clayoquot Sound. A three-week field experience would include participation in and (potential) establishment of, ongoing research in and around Vargas Island. Currently, we are monitoring sea lice on juvenile salmon, conducting micro plastic surveys, using wildlife cameras to track wolf and large mammal usage of trails. As an education centre, we will also have school groups coming through during which UBC students would have the opportunity to run established lessons and to create their own lessons based on the school groups interests: environmental education, outdoor leadership and community engagement to name a few.

Beyond the work, UBC students can expect a unique off-grid living experience staying in our large canvas tent and covered cook area that overlooks Father Charles Channel and Stubbs Island.

Cedar Coast Field Station accepted their first CFE student from the UBC WKTEP program in May/June of 2017. This particular student worked with our Station Director and Station Coordinator to design two summer camps: a youth empowerment camp and a field sciences camp. This student returned as a staff member for the summer season.


Associated Costs:

Vargas Island is boat accessed from Tofino harbor and transport to and from Vargas will be included, as well as, food and accommodation. Volunteers will stay in the volunteer tent and have shared meals with other volunteers and works study students. Meals can be provided during work days (five a week) and UBC students are welcome to stay in the tent and on the island for the weekends, however, they should be prepared to cook their own meals.