Chaoyin Primary and Middle Years Schools

A CFE placement in a Chaoyin Primary or Chaoyin Middle brings teacher candidates in touch with a progressive teaching and learning environment that both respects the history of its community and encourages academic excellence alongside artistic expression. A CFE in the Chaoyin English/Chinese bilingual school system will expose teacher candidates to new culturally diverse instructional methods while allowing teacher candidates to share their own teaching strategies, curriculum and methods.

Although all applicants are encouraged to apply for this CFE, selection preference may be given to teacher candidates interested in exploring the opportunity to teach at an IB international school and or who are interested in teaching ESL/EAL learners. For elementary placements, preference is also given to those teacher candidates wishing to teach in the primary years program.

1. The IB course content design and implement project. In this project, teacher candidates will have the opportunity to work with Chaoyin IB teachers and IB coordinators to design and implement the IB course content, projects and activities. A reference letter will be provided for candidate who has outstanding contributions to the IB program.

2. Weekend ESL campus project. Teacher candidates will design and plan their own ESL weekend unit/project. They will have opportunities to deliver their ESL weekend units during one of the three weekends. Participants include students from the Chaoyin School system and students recruited from other schools. Teacher candidates may participate in recruiting students if interested.

3. Culture exchange project. For this project, teacher candidates prepare a presentation giving and introduction and overview of Canadian culture and then present it to Chaoyin students and teachers. This will be tied into a project where the teacher candidate assists Chaoyin students prepare a presentation on Chinese culture and present it to the UBC teacher candidates.

4. Spring Excursion. The Chaoyin Schools have a one day school excursion each Spring semester. The schools organize interesting and engaging activities for students to participate in during the excursion. For example, teachers and teacher candidates may take students to pick fresh strawberries from local orchards while learning some agricultural knowledge through talking to fruit farmers. Additionally, teacher candidates may assist with a visit to the local historical museum and to plan activities that help children develop a better understanding of their hometown and important historical events. Teacher candidates will help organize and help implement the spring excursion.

5. Speech contest. Each year Chaoyin students participate in a speech contest. UBC teacher candidates are encouraged to organized the English speech contest, help students prepare for the context, and then act as one of the judges.

6. Chaoyin School Arts Festival. The Chaoyin Art Festival is one of the most popular school events and is celebrated together with the Chinese Children’s Festival. Exhibitions showing students’ artwork are planned as are opportunities for students to share and exchange their understandings about art and artistic methods/techniques. The focus of this festival is to inspire teachers and students to be more artistic and creative. Teacher candidates who are interested in teaching art may have the opportunities to teach and help students with their various art work.

7. Work experience project. The ‘Labour Worker Experience’ project provides a great opportunity for students to learn how to work with their hands. This activity will occur over a week and engages students in activities that allow them to try and develop some basic skills required for being a carpenter or a miner. Also avail to student to choose from are simulated driving experiences, photograhy classes and filming & editing sessions. UBC teacher candidates will help supervise and assist students during the labour worker experience project, and they will likely get a chance to engage in activities themselves.*** Note: The Chaoyin School system organizes various activities every year. The last 4 activities are the most common ones held during the CFE period. The first 3 projects are for CFE teacher candidates wishing to expand their experience in teaching and course planning under the Chinese education system. A detailed list of potential or and scheduled activities, as well as introductions and outlines of projects, will be handed to candidates before their arrival.

Associated Costs:

The Chaoyin School system will provide the following benefits to teacher candidates doing a CFE in the Chaoyin School System in Qingdao, China:

  • Dorm accommodations – full compensation
  • Meals – breakfast, lunch provided through school cafeteria
  • Teaching materials -Chaoyin School will support candidates with teaching materials