China Maple Leaf Educational Systems (CMLES)

Technology is present in all MLES classrooms and each student has a CMLES laptop that they receive in grade 10. Engaging students and having them utilize technology as a part of their learning process is very important at CMLES.

In addition, we are able to host teacher candidates from many universities and make the program fit their needs. We work on the model of having our sponsor teachers collaborate with their teacher candidates to co-plan and co-teach as we believe this to be a model that works successfully in helping new teachers adapt their practice to our particular setting.

Associated Costs:

Students will need to obtain the Teacher Candidate Practicum Visa.

It is the teacher candidate’s responsibility to ensure they have the necessary medical/dental coverage and vaccinations in place before leaving for a CFE in China. Teacher candidates are required to check and heed advisories issued by the Canadian government through this Website:

Flights from Vancouver to most Chinese Airports: $1000.00- 1500.00 Canadian (CDN), return. (Note: CMLED will reimburse up to $1000.00 (CAN) for the round trip flight cost if the teacher’s candidate signs a contract and returns to teach with CMLES following the completion of their degree program. This is subject to the submission of proper receipts).

Bus from the airport to schools one way: varies depending on school.

Accommodation: CMLES will provide accommodation at no cost to the TCs. This will either be shared accommodation with a current CMLES teacher or on-campus apartments, where available.