City School (Grades 11-12) – SD 39

City School is a small learning community, consisting of twenty-five to thirty-five students who work with their teachers and other mentors to design and carry out their Grade11 and 12 programs. Our focus is project-based learning connected to real, relevant problems or questions. As in life learning is often cross-curricular and undertaken outside the walls of the school.

There is no typical day at City School or a traditional class schedule. In general a school day starts with Advisory (check-in/meetings), then Fundamentals (math and English) and General Meeting (an organization get-together). The rest of the day is a variety of field studies, projects, guest speakers, seminars and other activities that have been planned — or pop up spontaneously — to support learning goals. This schedule is our default; we modify or suspend it if there is something better to do, such as an all-day trip or conference, or if we’ve been out late the evening before.

A three-week field experience at City School could look like anything you could imagine, and more. A teacher candidate would be encouraged to design and experience a project or project components in collaboration with the school community. They would be given ample opportunity to connect with, teach and mentor students as well as share their energy, interests and talents. Our students tend to be music/arts inclined, but can get enthusiastic about anything well done.

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