Community of Hope Church

A three-week field experience with Community of Hope will give elementary teacher candidates the opportunity to work with our team in developing curriculum, building relationships and potentially teaching classes in a church setting. Candidates will help create a teaching outline for our community program “Summer Fun @ the Park”. This may include, but not be limited to, selecting stories to be taught over five nights in the community, drafting possible scripts for a large group teaching time, and finding/developing instructions for crafts and other supporting activities that could be done by small groups of children over the course of each evening. This draft plan will then be given to our church staff and volunteer team to put into action for the local community in Surrey and North Delta in August. Teacher Candidates will also be part of putting together a volunteer recruitment package and connecting with four of our local high school career centres to recruit appropriate volunteers for the summer program. They may also work with our Christian Education team to teach or support teachers on the Sunday mornings of their practicum, and to develop and prepare curriculum to be used by volunteer teachers in classes during the summer for children and youth from nursery to Grade 12. They may also review resources for our adult classes, providing feedback and recommendations. Please be aware that the hours during the practicum will be varied and will include some evenings and weekends. Exact schedule to be confirmed.

Associated Costs:

We do not foresee any associated costs for the candidates.