Community-Schools Partnership (Surrey) – SD 36

The Community-Schools Partnership (C-SP) is an initiative of Surrey Schools in collaboration with municipal, funding and community partners to work alongside schools in addressing vulnerabilities creating opportunities for all children to flourish.

C-SP directly supports more than 25 identified schools and is emerging in its ability to support and be an asset to additional schools across the district. The identified schools include 22 elementary and three secondary schools, spanning the four zones of the school district: east, west, north and south (including White Rock).

The Community-Schools Partnership is a district department working alongside schools and district departments to address vulnerabilities and create targeted opportunities before, during and after school for all children to flourish. C-SP works collaboratively with community agencies, funders, and district departments to build capacity within schools and create meaningful opportunities for students and families.

Some of the specific programs and services that may be found include:

  • Afterschool extended learning and enrichment opportunities
  • Recreation and cultural programs
  • Parent engagement activities
  • Youth transition programs
  • English language learner support
  • Out of School Time programming

Surrey has grown tremendously over the past few decades, as young people and families emigrate from across Canada and around the world. Our larger and more culturally diverse population has created new and different challenges, forcing educators and community service providers to work harder and more efficiently with the resources available.

Education is not a level playing field for all children. Some students may be vulnerable because of poverty, life challenges, lack of specific life skills, or settlement needs. In answer to these challenges, the Community-Schools Partnership (C-SP) was established by Surrey School District 36.

Over the course of the three-week CFE, UBC teacher candidates will have the opportunity to be involved in our C-SP programs and be a part of our dynamic team. You will be working in groups with a team that works hard to give every child, every chance, every day.

How do we do it?

C-SP staff work with schools to identify specific needs of children and families, enhance existing school and community responses, and collaborate to develop strategic and sustainable programming bringing community resources to the families and the school.

The work of the C-SP Department is guided by a set of six intended impacts/ department goals:

  1. Children are ready, able and motivated to learn
  2. Children are experiencing enriched and expanded learning
  3. Children are building resiliency, hope and expanding horizons
  4. Families are engaged in their children’s learning
  5. Schools, families and the community are connected in a continuum of support
  6. The community is involved in collaborative partnerships to support learning

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