Deep Bay Marine Field Station

Teacher candidates will be working directly with the Public Education Lead. From April to the end of June the station typically has at least one school group visit the station per day for educational programming. Teacher candidates will learn how to set up, take down, and facilitate several ocean-related programs. Many of these programs take place on the beach outside of the station. Teacher candidates will also have a chance to complete an independent project, where they will get to create an exhibit, program or other educational opportunity of their choice. This is a very busy time for the station so there will be no shortage of things to do.

Teacher candidates will also spend time at the front desk, greeting station visitors and helping answer questions as needed. Teacher candidates will not only learn a great deal about informal education, but also about marine science and aquaculture.

Associated Costs:

Since many of the educational programs occur on the beach, teacher candidates will need water proof shoes and weather-appropriate attire. Waders will be provided when necessary. Transportation to and from the station is the responsibility of the teacher candidate. The station is not serviced by public transportation so access to a car is necessary.