Delta School District

Theme: Public Education

Location(s): Delta

Description: Please see the following Finding Cedar Report from last year's Community Field Experience cohort for a better understand of this place-based field trip experience Teacher Candidates have the opportunity to lead. The experience is designed with the First Peoples Principles of Learning.

UBC Teacher Candidates will lead Educators and students through an hour and a half exploration of nature in and around the school grounds.

The experiences include:

Oral stories

Picture books


Exploring with the 5 senses and leaning into the feelings that these experiences created.

Opportunities to write, draw and tell stories of their own.

Educators will be provided with a plan that includes Pre, During and Post lessons to extend the learning. Links to work by the Indigenous Team, featuring Kaanaax Kuwoox, Nathan Wilson will provide students with Background Knowledge and inspiration to engage with and continue with their connections to the living world.

Ideally, each Delta school would have one (two if Teacher Candidates wish to team-teach) Teacher Candidate to lead all classes through this experience and each French Immersion school would have one (two if Teacher Candidates wish to team-teach) French Immersion Teacher Candidates.

Associated Costs: Teacher candidates will be responsible for their own transportation to Delta schools as well as their own meals. Vaccinations are highly recommended for Teacher Candidates.