Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House

The DTES NH serves a low-income community, including many residents who are living with the challenges of mental health, class inequity, nutritional vulnerability, racial inequity, compromised health status, mono-parental families and/or advanced age.

Effective work within this community requires building long-term, consistent relationships to create a strong sense of trust. This work also requires programs that are innovative, creative, and flexible. The work also often requires participation and facilitation of public policy to help create conditions for social change.

We also embrace newcomers to our community with a welcoming space. A varied sampling of our programs include: Chinese Elders Community Kitchen, Lets Speak Up! Leadership Development, Fathers for Thought Mens Support Group, Children’s Community Kitchen, Nutritional Outreach Programs each cheque week, Community Drop In, and Family Drop In where UBC students will focus their time.

Associated Costs:

We provide meals on site for students involved in the community or family drop in programs. Otherwise students should arrange for their own meals and transportation.

A valid criminal record check is required.