Eaton Arrowsmith School

We are offering a fascinating experience that turns the paradigm of special education on its head. Instead of accommodating for students' learning and attention challenges and giving them a crutch for life, students at Eaton Arrowsmith School strengthen and overcome these challenges. Teacher candidates will receive an orientation to the Arrowsmith Program, the opportunity to see it in action, and even the chance to help facilitate it alongside experienced and certified Arrowsmith teachers. Our team would be happy to help teacher candidates pursue their passions in either teaching curriculum, helping out in classrooms, running clubs, or even helping to prepare our students to transition to their next school.

A CFE at Eaton Arrrowsmith Schools is an excellent opportunity to view inside the frontier of neuroscience and education, as well as a chance to join a highly inspired and fun staff group who is united in their vision to help students free themselves from their learning, social, and attention challenges.

Note: this placement has multiple sites, in Vancouver and Surrey.

Associated Costs: