Elevate Ultimate Academy


Theme: Recreation and Outdoor Education

Location(s): Burnaby/New Westminster,North and West Vancouver,Richmond,Surrey,Vancouver


A Bit About Us:

My name is Danie Proby and I'm the founder of Elevate Ultimate, I'm a high school physical education teacher, as well as a coach of Ultimate frisbee for Team Canada. We provide high-quality Ultimate frisbee programs for PHE classes, embedding SEL, physical literacy, and mindfulness practices into our lessons. We can teach from kindergarten all the way to grade 12!

Currently, there are 122 elementary schools playing, 75 of which are from Vancouver and Surrey. There are also 187 high school teams, 91 from Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver. These numbers are also rising quickly because two years ago Ultimate was officially recognized as a BC School Sport.

Three-Week Field Experience:

We would train the candidates on how to lead a practice, different behaviour management techniques/strategies, and how to work with students with disabilities. Teacher candidates attend the schools with us and get first hand experience working with all different ages of students as well as getting the opportunity to network with teachers and see different schools. The schedule is likely 9-3 Monday to Friday.

Associated Costs: