English Schools Foundation (IB) – Discovery College

Teacher candidates (TCs) selected to conduct their CFE at Discovery College, English Schools Foundation (ESF), Hong Kong, will witness classrooms that “inspire creativity and nurture global citizens and leaders of the future”. They will both observe and participate in collaboratively teaching with a community of talented educators focused on creating engaging and creative learning environments that “bring out the best in every child through a personalized approach to learning and by inspiring curious minds” (see ESF vision & mission and primary curriculum / secondary curriculum).


  • Observe, assist and teach in a grade/subject areas similar to that taught in Canada
  • Observe, assist and teach English and English as a Second Language
  • Observe and assist other grades and subjects in the school
  • Observe and assist with teacher specialists
  • Observe and assist with field trips, special school events and after school activities
  • Visit, observe and engage with classes in the ESF’s Special Educational Needs School
  • Present an overview of Canada

Important: CFE placement preference is given to teacher candidates in the UBC BEd International Baccalaureate (IB) cohort. Candidates who wish to teach in an IB program, or who wish to explore teaching in a IB program will also be given preference.


Associated Costs:

  • Economy flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong return (Sep 2015): $1,200. – $1,500. Canadian dollars (CDN)
  • Travel to/from Hong Kong International to Hong Kong Station return(Sept 2015): ~$40 CDN
  • Monthly Rapid Transit Tickets: $85. – 100. CDN (depending on how much you travel)
  • 3 weeks Accommodation: $900. – 1,000 CDN
  • 3 weeks of food: Approximately $400. CDN
  • Training Visa (and registered mail costs): ~ $175 CDN