Evans Consulting Inc.

Theme: Special Education
Location(s): Outside the Lower Mainland

Description:Teacher Candidates will get an opportunity to work with a variety of different children on the autism spectrum varying in ages and abilities. They will be able to directly see the benefits and outcomes positive support strategies provide when in place effectively for kids on the autism spectrum as well as many other diverse learners. Teacher Candidates will learn and build visual supports for kids in a one-on-one work environment as well as explore what that could look like on a classroom scale. Students will get practice in writing social stories and understand the function of a social story. They will know the difference between being told a visual schedule and being given the understanding and purpose as to why something is Important supported by meaningful visuals. Teacher Candidates may be able to participate in family intake meetings. This will allow for students to see the relief and challenges that families face in the beginning stages after diagnosis.

Associated Costs:
Travel and accommodation costs for those outside of Quesnel.