Fairchild Junior Academy

Fairchild Junior Academy is an early childhood education centre located on the island side in Hong Kong. Our mission is “cultivating curiosity, creativity and confidence” through an engaging environment that promotes natural play and inquiry. The language of instruction is English, with an exposure to Mandarin through songs, games and stories.

For more information on this international opportunity, please visit: blogs.ubc.ca/intl/hkfja2


Associated Costs:

  • Economy flights from Vancouver to Hong Kong return: $1,200 – 2000 Canadian dollars (CDN)
  • Travel to/from Hong Kong International to Hong Kong Station return: $40 CDN
  • Monthly Rapid Transit (MTR) Tickets: $85 – 100 CDN (depending on how much you travel)
  • 3 weeks Accommodation: $900 – 1,000 CDN
  • 3 weeks of food: Approximately $400 CDN
  • Training Visa (and registered mail costs): ~$151 CDN