Foresight International Education Center

Theme: International Placements

Location(s): International


Teacher Candidates who complete an international placement with FIEC will have the opportunity to: -observe, assist, and teach English as a Second Language in FIEC’s Ontario-based ESL program in a local Taiwanese school -participate in planning and grade team meetings with a team of other international teachers -collaborate with other international teachers to develop ESL lessons and teaching resources, such as games, PPT presentations, and visual aids -observe and assist with other school activities (activities may vary across schools) -share Canadian education and culture with local Taiwanese teachers and students -experience Taiwan’s vibrant culture and lifestyle

After completing an international practicum with FIEC, some outcomes for Teacher Candidates include being able to -expand and adapt their current toolkit of teaching strategies to suit ESL learners in a non-English speaking environment -recognize and articulate how their teaching practice fits within a global framework -inform their teaching practice by recognizing the role of culture and first-language in second language learning

Associated Costs:
Roundtrip airfare ($700~1000), accommodation (~$700-1000), local transportation ($60), meals ($350), spending money ($300). There is the possibility providing of a stipend, but the amount is not confirmed at this time.