Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Youth Department

In the Youth Department, we run a variety of different programs and special events.

A field experience could involve a few different programs. We have Preteen Program (10-14), Youth Connections Program (newcomer 14-18), BASE Program (leadership based program 13-18), Youth Skills Program (skill development for youth (15-18), and Youth Advisory Committee. There will be opportunity to be part of these workshops and programs and to develop games and activities with the theme or Wellness, Mindfulness, social and emotional learning & Art.

First week of May is Youth Week as well as Neighbourhood House week. We hope the student will be able to design and create a program to celebrate youth or neighbours.

We continue to come up with creative ways to teach youth about health and wellness and the candidates will also have the opportunity to do the same. If the placement is during a special event, the candidate will also be able to lead and be part of the community event. Here are a few: Pumpkin Patch, Wellness Fair, Compassion Driven activity, Sports Day in Canada, art therapy exhibition, spring break activities, life coaching, youth week, neighbourhood house week, and more.

Secondary placement at Frog Hollow regarding hours of when the programs take place are out of school time. Therefore, please be aware that this placement maybe outside the 9-5pm hours and therefore evenings and weekends need to be flexible during the three weeks."

Kids World School Age program

Our Kids World School Age program is attended by 76 children from neighbouring schools that come together at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and are given the opportunity to play, interact with friends, have fun, and receive encouragement based on the Reggio Emilia approach. Our educators are deeply committed and dedicated to providing a high quality school aged program. They believe in equal learning opportunities and see themselves as the children’s research partners.

Project ideas and invitations based on observations and discussions are offered to children while further observation and documentations continue. This interactive and reflective process provides children with open-ended projects that will allow them to experience learning that is unique and individualized.

Children in our program are offered:

  • variety of natural and open-ended materials to explore
  • equal opportunities to speak their thoughts & test their ideas
  • project-based learning opportunities based on their own interests and theories
  • community opportunities for encouraging exploration and compassion
  • outdoor play and exploration opportunities at the local park, our playgrounds, and the school across the street

Our Kids World Children’s program is an inclusive, bias-free environment in which children’s thoughts are respected equally and incorporated highly in the foundations of the program.

Associated Costs:

Teacher candidates will work within our youth programs operated out of Vancouver Technical Secondary School, Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and Drive Youth Employment Services. Aside from the cost of travel to/from our location and costs of lunch breaks, there are no other costs associated with this CFE placement.