Genome BC Geneskool

Theme: Science Education

Location(s): Vancouver

Session(s): May 16 - Jun 3, 2022 (Secondary)


Genome BC is a scientific funding agency that runs an educational outreach program called Geneskool. Targeted at grade 9-12 students, we offer free workshops, field trip opportunities and resources for secondary teachers in life sciences. Teacher candidates that join Genome BC Geneskool as part of a 3-week placement will have a unique opportunity to learn about Genome BC, contribute to the Geneskool program through a personal project of their choosing, and facilitate one or more hands-on workshops.

Associated Costs:
There will be minimal overhead for hosting teacher candidates at Genome BC. Travel requirements will most likely be local to Vancouver/Lower Mainland with any costs to be covered by Genome BC. It is expected that candidates live locally and use their own accommodation. There is no need for meal plans or and I can't think of any special fees that would be incurred.