Gobind Sarvar Elementary

A three week field experience at Gobind Sarvar Elementary School will include the following:

  • Youth Mentorship Program - mentoring students who require extra assistance throughout the day
  • Developing ideas for an Outdoor Education program and having classes engage in these activities planned by UBC students also including Aboriginal knowledge - place based learning
  • Athletics club/Health & Wellness - exposing students to a variety of sports and this can be a school wide event or done at recess/lunch/after school; importance of nutrition and integrating this with environmental education e.g. gardening, recycling
  • Library - finding resources to use in a classroom, be in charge of different classes that come to library and have them research a specific topic, create a resourceful collection of Aboriginal resources
  • Youth Reading/Writing Program and/or Starting with Stories (primary literacy).
  • Arts - organize a drama club, school wide play, talent show, art that connects us with the community
  • Media/Technology

UBC students are not expected to engage in all of the above areas. Teacher candidates will be presented with all of the opportunities that are available and they can commit to 1 or 2 areas where they feel they have a strong skill set. We will provide an outline of what is expected for the specific area they choose.


Associated Costs:

We are located central to other municipalities and are easily accessible by vehicle, bus or sky train. We do not have any special fees or meal plans or vaccinations.