Ground Up Climbing

Theme: Recreation and Outdoor Education

Location(s): Outside the Lower Mainland


A three-week field experience would involve shadowing and supporting our youth after school and adults programs ranging from Kindergarten classes, Grade 1-3 classes, Grade 4-6 class and a grade 7-10 class as well as adult beginner programing.

The candidates would also be working with our current youth curriculum to develop a manual for training staff and young leaders to work with children and design age appropriate programming based on the 6 areas of development for climbing; physical skill, mental skill, efficiency ( movement skill), technical rope work, leadership (social skills), and climbing progression.

The focus of building this manual will be on creating age appropriate content that manages the risks of the facility.

This will be 6-8 hour days for the candidates, Wednesday- Sunday.

Associated Costs:

Costs to and from Vancouver for any candidates that do not already live in Squamish would need to be applied. This varies based on vehicle and the price of gas but could be estimated at $30-40 per day.

Meal plans and accommodation would not be included.