Growing Chefs Society

Too many kids don't know where food comes from or have access to healthy food, Growing Chefs! is on a mission to change that. Through hands-on lessons, their programs teach elementary school students the whole food cycle, from seed-to plate-to compost!

The teacher candidate's role in this program is to join a different chef team at a different elementary school each weekday morning (students are responsible for getting themselves to the schools) and offer the volunteer chefs support in classroom management and lesson delivery. There will also be opportunities to engage with our new LunchLAB program - which provides healthy lunches to students a few times a week and is prepared by a team of students from their school under the leadership of our chef-in-residence and sous-chef-in-residence. Teacher candidates will also be responsible for coordinating communications between the volunteers and teachers they will be working with, as well as contributing to our blog and social media about their experiences in the classroom.

Associated Costs:

Placement requires travel to different a different school location each day, teacher candidates are responsible for getting themselves to their designated schools.