Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site Museum

A three-week field experience may take the form of curriculum development of a (new or update to a) special program or school field trip. If a candidate would like to have experience in the delivery of programs, they could learn one of our already in place programs and depending on the time of year deliver that program to booked classrooms or out of school care groups. They would also be able to update and modify programs from early child education, elementary, secondary, or (up to and including adult) ESL groups.

If accepted, we would welcome teacher candidates to come and discuss their interests to develop and/or deliver programs to specific grade levels over the three week session.

Associated Costs:

Teacher candidates would have to be willing to travel to and from Steveston in Richmond to do their work on site here at the cannery museum. Perhaps this would suit those candidates who already live near or in Richmond. They would also be responsible for their own meals.