Teacher candidates from UBC will enjoy a variety of educational activities at Hecom.

Primary School

In primary schools, each of the five subjects is taught for 35 minutes each day. This totals about 9 hours in 3 weeks, per subject. The teacher candidate may prepare a unit that can be taught in two weeks, and assess the students. The first week of the elementary CFE will have a greater focus on health education, and the second and third weeks will focus on teaching in schools.

Secondary School

Lessons in our secondary schools are in 40 minute blocks, with double lessons for some subjects. A class can have 6-10 lessons of a subject in a week, which is 4-7 hours per week per subject. Cumulatively in 3 weeks, the teacher candidates have 12-21 hours of classwork.

Before a teacher candidate arrives, we will be in communication about the area of study in each subject such that the teacher candidate can feel prepared. Each teacher candidate will be given opportunity to teach his or her own field of expertise wherever feasible, either with the local teacher or in a separate classroom. Health education with Hecom will complement the three weeks of teaching in schools.

Health Education with Hecomkenya

Hecomkenya is a “Community Based Organization” dedicated to creating a healthy community. We believe that students’ health and education complement each other. Hecomkenya gives talks to students and other groups, to encourage a healthy community in areas of physical fitness, nutrition, sexual health education, and managing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

All teacher candidates are encouraged to observe at least one health talk, and assist in teaching it if the teacher is comfortable doing so. This way, the teacher candidates interact directly with the community and appreciate education in a non-formal setting. Should a teacher candidate have a strong interest in health education, a greater proportion of time spent may be spent on this.

Feedback and Pedagogical Exchange

All teacher candidates will be given a weekly opportunity to discuss their experiences with their co-teachers, principal, and CFE coordinator. It is very important to us to ensure that teachers have a positive experience. We value the feedback and wish to foster pedagogical exchange.

Hours of Work

Local teachers will usually work Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 4PM, and be involved in extra-curricular activities from 4PM to 5PM. Teachers are also encouraged to take charge of the school’s health, environmental, scouts clubs, counseling programs and address physical literacy if they are so inclined.

Since most of our schools are under-staffed, the teacher candidates will be helping the local teachers to cover the syllabus even for the short period of time.

We encourage teacher candidates to plan a schedule with us, such that the appropriate number of working hours are met with activities well-suited to the teacher’s abilities, interests, and goals. We respect the number of hours that a teacher candidate is to work, and together we plan and track the hours.


During the weekends, the teacher candidates can go hiking, camping, fishing and sight seeing within Kisumu and Homabay (about 70km from Kadongo). We encourage teachers to have fun, social and recreational experiences in their free time. Activities can be arranged with other teachers, and local families.

https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g317064-d2025251-Reviews- Kisumu_museum-Kisumu_Nyanza_Province.html

https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g317064-d2510864-Reviews- Kisumu_Impala_Sanctuary-Kisumu_Nyanza_Province.html

Accommodation and Meals

Through homestay, our guests find a home away from home. There are no homestay charges, allowing teachers to experience life with local families.

Teachers can make new friends, learn a bit of Kenya’s second national language, swahili (the most spoken language), and ‘Dholuo’ the native language. They also get to experience African culture and cuisine. At any time, a teacher can relocate to a different family home or to a local hotel. Your comfort, safety and happiness are very important to us.



Together with the teacher candidates, we will ensure that the feedback form is accurately and comprehensively filled and timely submitted. We are committed to gaining the reputation as an excellent Community Field Experience for teachers from UBC.


Associated Costs:


Teacher candidates are strongly advised to consult a Canadian health care provider or visit a travel health clinic at least 8 weeks weeks before they travel. At the time this information was provided, the following were recommended vaccinations which can be obtained in travel clinic facilities in Vancouver, http://travelclinic.vch.ca/

  • Yellow fever
  • Tetanus, Typhoid fever and anti-malarial prophylaxis


Single journey ordinary visa:

  • CAN$67

Apply for Kenyan visa online at http://evisa.go.ke/evisa.html or visit the Kenya High Commission in Canada, 415 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6R4.


Travel Costs:

  • Flight-Vancouver to Nairobi: CAN$1258-1434
  • Flight-Nairobi to Kisumu: CAN$69-133
  • Taxi-Kisumu to Kadongo: CAN$53
  • In-country tour: CAN$40
  • Daily fare: CAN$1

Accommodation is FREE through our homestay program and CAN$46 per night inclusive of all meals at local hotel.