Interagency Student Support Programs – SD 36

A community field experience with the Surrey School Districts Interagency and Student Support Programs will give the UBC teacher candidate access to, and choice of doing a CFE in, 15 different educational programs. A complete listing of possible placements can be found here: Education Services School Program Descriptions 2020-2021.

In general, these programs offer teacher candidates opportunities to:

  • interact with at risk students who experience significant academic social emotional, mental health, personal, and/or health struggles and who require an alternate educational setting.
  • learn from master teachers who passionately want to make a difference in these at-risk childrens' lives
  • observe and work in schooling contexts that do not fit "traditional" school structures
  • learn to develop innovative and creative teaching practices
  • engage with district and government partners
  • work with adults (if interested)

Associated Costs:

At present, there are no costs associated with this placement, aside from the TC getting to and from the placement, lunches and snacks.