Intergenerational Landed Learning Project

The Intergenerational Landed Learning Project partners community volunteers (“Farm Friends”) with classes of intermediate-aged students to grow, harvest and prepare food together at the beautiful UBC Farm. Teacher candidates will work with Farm Friends to facilitate small groups in the Children's Learning Garden and Kitchen, develop and pilot 1-2 interdisciplinary activities to deepen student understand of food or garden themes, and connect with elementary students in their own classrooms and on the Farm. This CFE placement is a perfect opportunity to gain experience and new perspectives in place-based and community-based education, and to explore ways to integrate school gardens into student learning to raise self-efficacy, environmental stewardship, and personal health.

The placement will be a mixture of garden work and training, mentorship of youth in the garden and kitchen, curriculum development and facilitation, classroom support and observation, reflection, research, and documentation. Prior garden experience is not necessary, but may be helpful.

Associated Costs:

None, aside from travelling to from the UBC Farm, lunches and snacks.