Junior Class Learning

Since 1995 JCL Education (New Zealand) Ltd have successfully hosted international field experiences from approximately a dozen different North American Universities. The provide exciting opportunities for students nearing the completion of their studies to experience first hand the New Zealand school system – a system which is widely recognized throughout the world for its innovative approach to critical mathematics and literacy.

During their time in New Zealand, UBC teacher candidates will stay with a New Zealand family. They will meet with JCL for at least one dinner meeting to evaluate and support the teacher candidate’s progress/experience.

Teacher candidates will also have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the sights and natural beauty of New Zealand in their own time.


  • teach under close super vision with a highly skilled and carefully selected co-operating teacher. experience teaching at a specific grade level within the school (if requested by UBC)
  • observe details of organization and management specific to their class and school
  • understand how teachers in New Zealand get to know children, establish routines and determine individual needs
  • plan, teach, and evaluate a series of lessons in language and reading, mathematics and at least one other curriculum area of their choice
  • develop and use long and short term planning systems that facilitate extended periods of classroom teaching control
  • have the opportunity to teach the total class program for at least five consecutive days
  • attend and take part in professional tam meetings and whole staff curriculum development meetings as available
  • have at least two teaching sessions critiqued by a professional teaching administrator
  • identify their own areas of need an reflect up in their progress
  • (if/when possible) work in schools with high populations of Maori students.


Associated Costs:

  • Flights: ~ $1700.00 CDN
  • Homestay all meals , school/ teacher, taxes & JCL fee – $5025.00 CDN
  • Weekend trips: will depend on each teacher candidate’s interests and travel destinations.