Justice Institute of British Columbia – Emergency Medical Responder Program


Theme: Health and Wellness

Location(s): Abbotsford/Chilliwack,Burnaby/New Westminster,Maple Ridge, Agassiz, Mission,


This course focuses on the skills needed to respond to trauma and medical emergencies. Training also includes the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology.

This three week course will demonstrate to your students a wide variety of teaching styles. Are courses are practical based teaching with intersections of lecture and classroom based activities. As para-medicine is a practical skill with knowledge are class rooms gets transformed to mimic real life Medical and Trauma calls. The students while they are here will be able to observes three written exams and three practical exams. The class room size is twelve students which gives the instructor plenty of opportunity to do one on one tutoring. As this is simulation medicine the use of props happens in the classroom, the instructors need to show creativeness to be able to set the scene in the students head.

UBC teacher education candidates will take a lot out of there time in JIBC EMR programs; they will learn how to follow detailed lesson plans as well as shown off their creative style to give the students the best experience needed.

Associated Costs:
There is no associated cost.