Killarney Secondary School Library

Theme: Teacher-Librarian

Location(s): Vancouver


Killarney Secondary Library is a dynamic and vibrant, learning and collaborative hub (Population: 1450). We've been told by several teachers, teachers-on-call, and visitors, that Killarney is very welcoming, and has a positive hum of exciting activity and learning. Pre-Covid, 600-700 students visited our Library Learning Commons daily.

You will have the chance to work on collaborative inquiry research projects, meet with teachers and classes from cross-disciplines, help update or design your own sessions for critical information literacy skills: e.g. Fake News presentations, Website C.R.A.A.P. detection.

Other workshops include: Academic Honesty Sessions, Avoiding Death by PowerPoint, using new online learning and presentation platforms. You are welcome to do the odd book talks with classes, and/or help with 1:1 student conferences for inquiry projects, including math classes. Killarney Library is a fabulous learning environment, and provides valuable, hands-on training, and skill-building for teaching in the classroom.

Associated Costs: