La Movida Sewing & Design Studios

La Movida Sewing & Design is a multidisciplinary textile studio based in Kitsilano, Vancouver. We offer professional, engaged and dynamic instruction which brings together sewing, textile design, and illustration for ages 8 and up. A maximum of 8 students are enrolled in each class.

We have developed our own studio-style teaching practices and curriculum in collaboration with our own sewing workbooks and patterns to make sure we offer the most relevant information delivered to our students in the most meaningful way. We endeavour to offer classes that consider and address different styles of learning and information gathering.

The experience for the teacher candidate will have will be based around the preparation and instruction for our after school classes running from 3:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Teacher candidates will ensure their curriculum is prepared, along with examples, and demonstrations.

Associated Costs:

Travel to and from our studio located at 3625 West Broadway, along with their own meals. There are no accommodations or special fees.