Manoah Steves Elementary School Learning Assistance, Resource and ELL Program – SD 38

  • observe and participate in a Learning Assistance / Resource / ELL Teacher schedule
  • observe and participate in both pull-out and push-in models of support
  • observe and participate in a variety of co-teaching methods and activities
  • observe and participate in a variety of school based meetings with the purpose of designing and aligning support for students
  • observe and practice growth mindset and strengths-based language while talking about students, colleagues, support and programs
  • this is an opportunity to see what teaching looks like from the other side of the classroom which will help a teacher candidate understand better how a Classroom Teacher to works collaboratively with a Learning/Resource Teacher and/or help them decide if a non-enrolling support teacher position is a good fit
  • observe and participate in the activities required to wind down and end a school year, with attention to documentation, filing, referrals, etc.
  • Opportunity to teach and support in K-7 Montessori classrooms.

    Associated Costs: