Maples Secondary School, Provincial Resource Programs – SD 41

Teacher candidates will have an opportunity to observe classroom teachers highly specialized in working with youth who are referred to the Maples Adolescent Treatment Center.

The Maples is a designated provincial mental health facility providing residential, non-residential, outreach and ancillary services to collaboratively support youth, families and communities. The Maples target population consists of troubled youth in BC with significant psychiatric and behavioural difficulties ages 12-17 as well as youth found Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of a Mental Disorder or unfit to stand trial.

The Maples Secondary School Provincial Resource Programs provides individualized educational programs for each youth in the core academic subject areas as well as in woodwork/metalwork, recreation, art and music. Each classroom is therapeutic in nature. All teacher/student interactions are guided by the Principles of Attachment and trauma informed practice. During the three-week field experience, TCs may be provided with an opportunity to participate in the weekly school clinical meetings scheduled with one of the unit psychiatrists.

The available placements for 2022 would be for specialists in Applied Science, Humanities or Math/Science education.

Associated Costs: