Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

Teacher candidates wishing to do their CFE in Mexico are placed through Tecnológico de Monterrey, or

‘Monterrey Tec’ education system. TCs can look forward to observing and participating in exciting and engaging classroom, school and community experiences that highlight the organization’s purpose to develop creative and critical thinkers willing to transform their communities ranging from the local to the global. UBC students will witness first-hand how the educators of Monterrey Tec students are challenging their students to be “competitive for the benefit of all; more willing to be than to have, to serve than possess” (see Our Purpose).


  • (for Elementary & Middle Years TCs) Teach English to a very special group of undergrads known as ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ with a focus on oral language development: 3 hours daily in the afternoon
  • (for Elementary & Middle Years TCs) Visit public and private schools to observe how education is delivered at the elementary, middle years levels.
  • (for Secondary TCs) Teach English to Tec students at either the secondary or undergraduate levels.
  • (for Secondary TCs) Observe and assist other grades and subjects in the school
  • (for Secondary TCs) Observe and assist with teacher specialists
  • (for Secondary TCs) Observe and assist with out-of school activities
  • (for Secondary TCs) Tutoring Monterrey Tec students who are preparing for exams
  • (for Secondary TCs) Assist teachers with class field trips into the community (e.g., true planting)
  • (for all UBC TCs) Explore the city and region and learn some basic Spanish.
  • Teacher candidates doing a CFE with Monterrey Tec will be placed in one of two campuses: Monterrey or Querétaro. The activities and the curriculum and school engagements that students will experience will be unique to each campus.

    For example, at the Querétaro campus, the plan is to introduce UBC teacher candidates to the school staff and faculty and be assigned to one or two classes which they will observe and assist in lesson development and execution. In the second and third week students will visit nearby private and/or public schools to observe and teach (where/when possible), and shadow an administrator, learn about the support positions in the school system, and in some cases, be given the opportunity to assist in the development and execution of the school’s community-based engagements.

    At the Tec de Monterrey Campus in Monterrey, UBC teacher candidates will work with undergraduate students from Tec’s ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ program. Three hours of ELL instruction will be delivered daily (Monday-Friday) in the afternoon. Classrooms are modern with full projection capabilities and are air conditioned. Daily morning outings will be made to visit private and public schools, other university campuses and participate in city tours. On weekends, the group will venture out into the surrounding areas to explore the many natural sights (caves, cliffs, waterfalls, etc.), experience the local culture, and learn Spanish from their Leaders of Tomorrow counterparts. Of course these outings will not only give the UBC teacher candidates time to further their ELL instructional skills in a non-traditional setting, but it will also give their hosts the opportunity to reciprocally teach the UBC teacher candidate Spanish!

    At Monterrey Tec in Monterrey, teacher candidates will also be given opportunities to engage in dialogue with Tec faculty/students about Mexican public and private schooling systems, and also speak with visiting scholars, faculty and students (sometimes from UBC) about their educational projects at Tec. (UBC and Monterrey Tec have partnership agreements with several faculties: education, medicine, food and land systems, as well as with the Sauder School of Business.)

    Associated Costs:

    1) Querétaro (via Mexico City):

    • Economy flights from Vancouver to Mexico City return (direct or via Houston or Dallas): $600. – 1,025 (CDN)
    • Bus from Mexico City to Queretaro: $35. CDN
    • 3 weeks home-stay accommodation (if available)
    • 3 weeks hotel accommodation (if available)
    • 3 weeks dorm accommodation (if available)
    • 3 weeks food

    2) Monterrey:

    • Economy flights from Vancouver to Monterrey return (via Houston, Dallas, or Mexico City) can range from a low of $600 to a high over $1,000 (CDN). Teacher candidates are advised to hold off purchasing their flights until they are very confident of passing the extended practicum (418/419).
    • Our Monterrey Tec hosts will provide for a shuttle from the Monterrey International Airport to the Tec campus (and back at the end of the CFE); however students must coordinate themselves to arrive in, and depart from, Monterrey international airport at roughly the same time to be able to take advantage of this offer. A fee of $130 USD will be charged for all transportation services (airport shuttles, academic visits to city schools, field trips and weekend outings).
    • 3 weeks campus dorm accommodation: $250.00 USD (June 2018) for double occupancy, or $500 USD for a single room. Meal cards can be purchased (est. $115 USD) for weekday breakfasts and lunches in campus cafeterias. While it is a convenience to have have a pre-paid campus food card, it has proven to be most economical to simply pay for the actual meals you select daily. For dinners and on weekends, there are many restaurants and cantinas around the campus.
    • 3 weeks home-stay accommodation; includes breakfast, box lunch and dinner weekdays plus weekend meals as agreed by the TC and host family: $320.00 USD (June 2018). Home-stay families are carefully screened by the university and are located nearby the campus. A shuttle bus system is very handy, free and safe to use. for getting to and from campus.