Moscrop Secondary School, SD 41- Edible School Garden

Theme: Public Education

Location(s): Burnaby/New Westminster


Secondary: Your outdoor classroom will be our school garden. Create and develop lessons, deliver workshops to students, grades 8-12. Work with teachers in a cross curricular manner. Teach about sustainability, composting, dietary minerals, plant identification, garden maintenance, cooking, First Nations land principle, native plants, pollinators, invasive species.

Elementary and Middle School: Work with teachers to co-ordinate, schedule and connect with our elementary feeder schools. Create engaging garden workshops for grade 8 students and also classes from elementary schools who would walk to our garden as a fieldtrip to learn about urban gardening, food security, seed diversity, planting, composting, soil science, maintenance, nature walks and other workshops.

This cross-curricular garden involves teachers from several disciplines. Our goals are to teach students about food security, local food, gardening, soil science, ecology, and sustainability. If there is a Tech Ed teacher, who would like to build boxes or a pergola, even better! We realize that there is a shortage of outdoor learning space.

Many students do not have hands on exposure to gardening in our urban setting. We would also introduce students to agricultural sciences and careers opportunities in "sustainability/green careers".

Below are gardens where we have worked with other teacher candidates in the past in the inception years of other programs and gardens: (Richmond Secondary) (R.A. McMath)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Associated Costs:
Travel to Burnaby, should be limited costs.