Museum of Vancouver

Theme: Museum and Cultural Education

Location(s): Vancouver


The Museum of Vancouver offers a wide range of hands-on, inquiry-based elementary school programs, from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Our programs are tied to the big ideas of the BC curriculum relevant to each grade level. The teacher candidate would shadow and give insight on any program that is booked during the practicum period, whether it is virtual or on-site. All our programs are available in French. Although we cannot guarantee that there will be programs in French during the practicum, bilingual teacher candidates are welcome to join our team! As we are always looking for new ways to improve and adapt our programs, there would also be opportunities to work on program redevelopment in English and/or French as well as on our secondary and ESL self-guided materials.

Associated Costs:
The only associated costs are traveling to and from the museum, and snacks and lunch for the teacher candidate.