Narrative Art & Visual Storytelling In Holocaust & Human Rights Education

Theme: Arts

Location(s): Vancouver


The Narrative Art and Visual Storytelling in Holocaust and Human Rights Education project is a SSHRC funded project that brings together graphic artists and Holocaust survivors - the artists create graphic narratives of the survivor testimony. The project website -, includes some of the films about the artists working with the survivors and the Events page has a lot of the recent presentations and publications by the project team; some of our partners include the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, Canadian Musuem for Human Rights, Arolsen Archives, Anne Frank House, etc.

Week 1 – Start up meeting on Monday (Zoom or face to face), familiarize yourself with the project, read the graphic narratives, read a little about different ways of teaching the Holocaust, teaching graphic narratives, watch survivor testimony and learn about designed educational materials for use with testimony. You may also want to contact the artists and the survivors – I am happy to set this up for you. I will be able to connect you with the academic partners who can help you with more background and context information. I also have the potential to set up a few workshops with some of our partners including the VHEC and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

You will also have to design your teaching approach (one graphic in detail, or working across both / engaging with Human Rights education, trauma informed pedagogy, incorporation of historical materials, museum artefacts, etc.). This is something that you and I can talk about throughout the first week, and beyond.

Week 2 – Curricular and pedagogical design. Once you have selected your approach you will design your curriculum and pedagogy. What do you see as the: learning objectives, the scope and sequence of the activities, the additional materials or activities? How are students being scaffolded both intellectually and emotionally into the work?

Week 3 – Completing the curriculum and activities, wrapping up the CFE. * I have a template of some sort for the lesson / activity design, so it will be easy to translate each of your work into a nice print / digital format.

TCs have access to a collaborative space on a UBC server, lots of additional resource materials, and the emails of some of the resource people that they may want to contact.

Next steps … I am hoping that the CFE team will be interested and able to present their work at the BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association conference in October 2022.

Associated Costs: None