National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

Founded in 1946, originally as Taiwan Provincial Teachers College, the school’s mission was to train outstanding teachers for secondary education. The name was changed to National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in 1967, but the commitment to quality education and teacher training remained. Established on the credo that education is the root of our nation, NTNU has been committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, characterized by the many influential educators and researchers it has nurtured over the years.

Bearing the hallmarks of tradition and innovation, NTNU offering a wide spectrum of courses and degrees under its 9 colleges, including the arts and humanities, education, sociology, business management, athletics, to the sciences. NTNU has expanded to 3 campuses: the main campus, the Gongguan campus (home to the College of Science), and the Linkou campus (home to the College of International Studies and Education for Overseas Chinese), its main campus and Gongguan campus are in Taipei City while its Linkou campus is in New Taipei City. Taipei City is the capital and a special municipality of Taiwan.


  • Observe, assist and teach in a grade/subject areas similar to that taught in Canada
  • Observe, assist and teach English and English as a Second Language
  • Observe and assist with other school activities
  • Share Canadian Education and culture with teachers and students

Associated Costs:

a) Would you know the cost of a monthly transit tickets in Taipei?

  • You can by Taipei metro, MRT ( or Metro Tickets(
  • Note 1: The cost of Travel, approximately, 5 CAD/per day

    Note 2: 5 CAD/per day *30 day = 150 CAD/ monthly and per person

  • In Taipei city, you can use the Ubike (, Ubike is a very convenient mode of transportation in Taipei.

b) Can the school assist the student finding/recommending accommodations, or is the student to find their own?

  • NTNU provides accommodation options, for detailed information, please visit the NTNU website and click the “Accommodations” tab. For more information please visit the website:
  • Standard Room-2 beds Executive- 1500 TWD/per day, about 64 CAD/per day
  • Standard Room-4 beds Executive(Bunk bed) – 2000 TWD/per day, about 85 CAD/per day

c) Can you give an estimate for 3 weeks (21 days) of accommodation, food, transit and other expenses?

  • Accommodation: Standard Room-2 beds Executive- 1500 TWD/per day (about 64 CAD/per day) (about 32 CAD/per day, per person). In total for accommodation: 32 X 21 days = 672 CAD/per person.
  • Food: 15 CAD/per day * 21 day =315 CAD
  • Transit: Travel (by Taipei metro, MRT) is 5 CAD/day X 21 days = 105 CAD
  • Other expenses: (e.g. Taipei City Tour)(Guide to Taipei: ~ 500 CAD
  • Total accommodation, food, transit, and other expenses: $1592.00 CAD