New Westminster Arts Services

This would be the first time that Art Services has applied to have a UBC teacher candidate so the experience is somewhat flexible at this time. During the month of June we would still have some sessional arts classes running and a teacher candidate would be expected to assist in the classroom with the regular instructors (weekends would be required). We also might have a free monthly family event up and running at that time and we would be pleased to have assistance with that particular Sunday event. Some Art Services marketing might also be part of the experience as well as shadowing the Arts Coordinator in their duties. We could discuss doing some Winter (Jan-March) seasonal children's arts program planning as well. This department is undergoing a large and exciting staffing shift and so some of the plans might shift by June 2020. Regardless, it would be a priority for the teacher candidate to have hands-on experience in the community arts classroom.

Associated Costs:

Transportation to and from the Anvil Centre is required. We are located beside the New Westminster skytrain station. A PIC with a vulnerable sector check will be required.