Our Community Bikes

The teacher candidate will go through basic shop safety and an introduction to all the tools and resources we have at the bike shop. They will be given the skills to safely and efficiently take apart a bike for recycling (donated by members of the community) so that its various parts can be reused for shop patrons to repair and replace various components of their bikes. As well, these parts are used in the full service aspect of the shop to repair peoples' bikes.

Once comfortable with how a bike works, they'll move onto engaging with the public on the stands where we teach people how to use their bicycles and how to repair them. The TC's will be introduced to de-escalation, mechanics educating, working with vulnerable populations and immense amounts of multi-tasking (aka wearing many hats). We are one of only 2 bike shops in the lower mainland that will service the homeless and vulnerable population.

The goal of a TC's CFE at OCB is to become comfortable in an exposed public setting where they can work on their teaching skill with a variety of community members, engage in learning and teaching about a mode of transportation that is environmentally-friendly and very good for lifelong health (mental and physical).


Associated Costs:

There shouldn't be any for us as an organization or the student in their CFE at Our Community Bikes (OCB).