OUR ECOVILLAGE is a 25-acre Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre located on a beautiful farm-based setting in Shawnigan Lake, BC. As an award winning educational centre we host K-12 programs and 11 Universities and Colleges...not to mention a range of community groups, government training and international travellers.

This placement provides teacher candidates the opportunity to spend time in an 'immersed learning environment' which allows for praxis and professional development in:

  • applied learning for self as a learner/teacher,
  • co-teaching in an applied learning environment and
  • curriculum development for sustainable living public/private school programs.

You will be welcomed onto a dynamic team of educators (some coming from around the world) — and will find an experience unlike other settings in Canada, living and working with OUR ECOVILLAGE's teaching team, being in hands-on applied learning processes with other adult learners who are enrolled in Internships and courses. There is no cost to participating in these trainings but OUR team requests that you become a fully engaged learner with us. 'We are all Teachers/We are all Learners' is OUR motto. Simply immerse yourself in the community commons and all that happens here. Teach with OUR team!

We have a wide variety of schools who come to visit during the spring months and OUR folks will skill share and then have you working with us on everything from icebreakers to talking food security, to building natural buildings. Work with us to write Lesson Plans - that can be used at OUR ECOVILLAGE by next teachers but also that you can take away as a 'portfolio' example of what type of curriculum development you have experience in.

Generally a placement will take place Monday to Friday but there are opportunities to engage some weekends. Programs run in the day and in the evening and this is shared out between folks within the teaching cohort and with OUR folks.

OUR ECOVILLAGE is excited to be partnering with the local Cowichan School District #79 for the 2018/2019 in order to create a special pilot project for K-12 and partnering with a new "Nature School" (Elementary) and "Flex Program" (Highschool) and linking the public schools with community based projects. This is a highly innovative pilot that is working towards 'enquiry based' and 'project based' learning program development and is working to support teaching and administration of the schools to more easily bridge the new integrative curriculum for schools in BC. There are a number of community partners who will also be assisting the project development and creating unique and transferrable programming!


Associated Costs:

Meal Plan = $400 for three weeks of meals in OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery (beautiful cob/strawbale educational Eatery onsite)