Outward Bound Canada

A three-week CFE placement with Outward Bound Canada's (OBC) BC/Vancouver operation may involve teacher candidates:

  • working with vulnerable and under-served youth from across the Lower Mainland in Grades 7-12;
  • learning and experiencing the Outward Bound Educational Framework and how it can be applied in a combined urban/wilderness setting;
  • engaging in staff training focused on hard and soft skill development;
  • engaging in course preparation and course wrap up (including program design, packing food and equipment, logistics, debriefing and reporting);
  • facilitating workshops and activities;
  • developing skills and tools to apply experiential and adventure-based learning pedagogy;
  • participating in urban or wilderness expeditions and/or day programs including high ropes, rock climbing, backpacking and sea kayaking;
  • teaching (and/or assisting others teach) in-school skill building and leadership learning sessions in ongoing programs;
  • adapting and/or developing Ministry of Education approved curriculum and,
  • customizing projects depending on the interests of the students

This placement requires a candidate that is flexible, adaptable and ready for hard work with some long days and a variable schedule. Time off is given in-lieu of any extended work hours. Important OBC experience notes. This placement is not your average placement. OBC commits to supporting 40 hours of student instruction, 40 hours of administration/planning/curriculum work and a final 40 hours of ‘mixed work load’. Workdays at OBC vary from 9-5 (Mon-Fri) to 5 day overnight expeditions (weekends maybe included). OBC schedules are based on our School’s schedules and may change based on weather and student needs. Candidates interested in an OBC placement experience must be flexible, adaptable and are prepared to have a ‘non-traditional’ structure and routine. This placement has meaning for all teacher candidates, regardless of subject.


Associated Costs:

Students will have to travel to and from our office. While students are on expedition, Outward Bound will cover all transportation and food cost.