PALS Adult Services Society (PASS)

A community field experience with the PALS Autism Network for Adults would be broken down into 3 segments , each of which would involve working with/supporting young adults with autism spectrum disorder. The first week would be an observation period where the teacher candidate would be oriented to the program and be given an opportunity to get to know the students at PALs.

The candidate would be required to sit in on staff meetings and a round table discussion with our program behaviour analyst and head of Adult Program. The candidate would be given access to student profiles and would sit in on individual, small group and large group lessons and would be required to shadow the lead instructor. He or she would also help create resources and plan specific lessons under the guidance of the Lead Instructor.

The second week would involve taking on responsibility for planning several lessons and teaching them to a small group with the Lead Instructor providing support if/when needed. The third week would see the teacher candidate take on the role of lead instructor in several classes each day.

He or she would be also responsible for creating the resources, implementation of the lesson and evaluation of the student. The candidate will be required to complete an Activity Log as well as attend weekly meetings with the Head of Adult Program.

Associated Costs:

Transportation to and from the adult program (Cambie and Broadway area so we are very close to public transit) and snacks and lunch would be the responsibility of the candidate.