Parks Canada: Fort Langley National Historic Site

Built in 1827, Fort Langley was a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading post. Located on the banks of the Fraser River, it was once part of a trade route for the British Empire at the centre of a large population of Indigenous people. Fort Langley served as part of a network of fur trade forts operating in the New Caledonia and Columbia Districts (now British Columbia and northern Washington). The fort maintained a good and peaceful trade in furs, salmon, and even cranberries with the Indigenous communities.

Parks Canada engages audiences with a wide range of formal and informal education and visitor programs at national parks and historic sites across the country. Teacher candidates have the opportunity to help develop, test, deliver and evaluate bilingual education programming at Fort Langley National Historic Site, both new and current. We invite teacher candidates to discuss their ideas and interests and help create a CFE program that includes their goals and objectives.

Associated Costs:

Teacher candidates will need to provide travel to/from Fort Langley.