Parks Canada: Gwaii Haanas Field Unit

Develop Marine Species at Risk Lesson Plans to support the Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group’s (HGMSG) education program.

  • With direction from Parks Canada’s Outreach Education Officer, develop three (3) engaging, creative, hands-on lesson plans that focus on marine species-at-risk, for a grade 4 level (to be delivered by a contracted instructor, in succession within the same school-year).
  • Develop a grade 7 review lesson that builds on the themes learned in grade 4, and expands on the topic, with a focus on stewardship and individual and community action.
  • The lessons should be approximately 1.5 hours duration.
  • Review the existing Abalone Stewardship Lessons, and incorporate some of their content into the new, broader-themed lesson plans.
  • Include additional activities/options for split classes to avoid repetition of the exact same activities (i.e. grade 4,5,6) Student volunteer will be supervised from a distance, have weekly check-ins and do an orientation by video conference.

  • Associated Costs:

    $84.00 - $110.00 Transit Fee (@ $6 - $8 per day) - travel to/from Parks Canada Fort Langley office.