Pathways to Education

Candidates would engage in a program that is community, place based. Youth are accessing programs that support their education/ graduation goals. This is done via four pillars of support:

  1. Tutoring program
  2. mentoring program
  3. 1-1 support
  4. financial support

Candidates would have opportunities to engage in the tutoring program and if appropriate the mentoring program.

Candidates could engage in tutoring in a community setting, after-school hours, respond to alternative learning needs and styles, and appreciate the value of informal and relational learning.

Candidates would also have the opportunity to develop appropriate curriculum that will enhance the program. This could be both for individuals or the wider group. Depending on the candidate, there may also be the opportunity for them to deliver a program.

Associated Costs:

The only cost that would fall onto the candidate is to getting them to the community centres. The centres are very accessible via public transport.