Peak House Provincial Resource Program – SD 39

About Peak House:

Peak House is a voluntary, ten-week, live-in treatment program for youth seeking freedom from problematic substance use. The program is hosted by Pacific Youth and Family Services Society and funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and serves youth from across BC who, due to the serious nature of their substance use, require a more intensive level of service than can be provided in their home community. The program is for youth of all genders between 13-18 years old and operates within the harm reduction spectrum with a trauma informed, client centered, and social justice framework.

About School Program at Peak House:

During admission, the youth attend the Ministry of Education’s Provincial Resource Program (PRP) at Peak House for school service. The Learning Resource Centre at Peak House serves as a therapeutic school program by providing academic continuity and re-engagement opportunities for youth while they attend addictions recovery. The PRP also provides transition services by working collaboratively with the student, their family, and the multidisciplinary team, and liaises with and supports the community school and district to provide appropriate learning and support services.

Description of Field Experience:

The teacher candidate would be along side the resource teacher at Peak House who provides school service to the youth attending the program, participate in collaborative time with the Peak House clinical team, and support youth's the transition back to community school. Class time is in the mornings when the youth come to the Learning Resource Room. There is a capacity of 8 beds at Peak House. The students are working on a variety of subjects and grades in addition to school re-engagement and post-secondary planning. The afternoons are reserved for case management, a weekly collaborative staff meeting, and liaising with home schools and districts across BC to ensure the continuation of the students education and provide support to the youth's transition plan to community and school. There is also a weekly school field trip for Arts Education and Community Recreation every Thursday afternoon.

The resource teacher primarily works out of the Peak House Resource Room (at Templeton Secondary) but is also at the Peak House residence (2 blocks away) a couple times a week for meetings. The teacher candidate would be welcome to accompany the resource teacher to all programming and locations.

Please let me know if you would like any additional information.

Associated Costs:

  • Free parking at school site and residence
  • Transportation and any entry fees for weekly field trip is covered by Peak House and school program
  • No associated costs, however lunch is not provided