Pear Tree Elementary – Secondary Teacher Candidates

At Pear Tree Elementary, our students receive 1 hour of physical education every day. That’s 5 hours per week. Our Physical Education Program is directly tied to our whole-child education approach.

Our classes are formed of 3 x grade groupings: K-1, 2-4 and 5-7.

Pear Tree Elementary offers a diverse range of sports and activities, many of which are not offered at any other private school, including: beach volleyball, basketball, climbing, cross country, dance, gymnastics, hiking, ice skating, martial arts, orienteering, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, water-based activities (e.g. kayaking, sailing), and yoga. This is in addition to skills-based P.E. classes that develop stamina, teamwork, and motor coordination.

Sports and activities change seasonally and depend on the age of the students, so while only some of these activities are offered during the spring, there will be a variety as a result of the different grade groupings. Many of these activities are specialist instructors. Practicum teachers will be involved in the co-planning and co-delivery of general activities, and will supervise specialist activities.

Lastly, because of our whole-child approach, our P.E. classes involve students gaining an in-depth understanding of physical education, health and nutrition. Such knowledge is built into our P.E. classes so that P.E. lessons are enriched and provide long-long learning outcomes.

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